Zachary "Zack" Tompson-Buyer is a character in Back at the Barnyard. He is the Farmer's Los Angeles teenaged grandson who first appeared in "The Buyers."

Early life

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  • Zack is the only human character whom the animals in the Barnyard trust and like. He is also the only person to actually associate with the animals.
  • Zack is referred to as "Z" by Otis and his best friends.
  • The animals state that they trust Zack so much because of his relation to the Farmer. Zack also thinks this and also states that animal love is "in his blood".
  • Otis calls him his "best human friend".
  • Zack is obsessed with the animals and their partying style.
  • According to the series, his parents (whom he used to live with in Los Angeles, California) are divorced. His mother moved him to Oedeville to "start his life over" with the Farmer. At first, Zack hates the new life, but after "accidentally" meeting the animals, he is hooked on staying there all his life.
  • Zack is well-liked by all of the animals (who actually like Zack almost more than he likes them), especially the Jersey Cows due to his Otis-like personality.
  • He doesn't associate with Snotty Boy whatsoever (though in one episode, he is asked to watch him while his parents went out and the animals try to help get him out of doing it).
  • Zack doesn't reveal any of the animals' secrets or activities to anyone (not even to his grandfather). He is true to his word and has never (yet) hurt or deceived the animals in any way. However, in "Hypno A Go-Go," he was mentioned to have almost revealed the animals' secret to everyone out of hypnosis.


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