"You Broke My Heart So I Burned Down Your Farm" is a song from the Back at the Barnyard episode "Animal Farmers."

The song is a hit for Stumpity Joe, who was looking for a site to film a music video, and after Otis uses dynamite to blow up the Barnyard after a series of disastrous events following the injury to the Farmer when Otis speeds up the tractor by accident (milking themselves with an automatic milking machine, picking the corn {but having Pig eat it}, and using the TNT gunpowder inside said dynamite to create an exploding energy drink for the hens that lay eggs that blow up), Stumpity Joe comes by and sees the explosion and realizes it would make a great set.


Well, you broke my heart, so I burned down your farm

You made me cry, so I blew the place sky high

You knocked me down, made a fool out of me

But I feel better now that I destroyed your property!


It's all in pieces (in pieces)

It's in pieces (in pieces)

It's all in pieces (in pieces)

I destroyed your property.

(At this point, part of the second set of lyrics is obscured as the Farmer, in his house, muses about talking animals in a music video. If listened closely, it sounds like Otis sings, "Well, I cried for a while...but I feel better now cause your barn's a great big hole")

Now your stuff's all over the place,

I see your tractor drivin' there in space!

(Everett does a banjo solo)

Otis: (spoken) Here's a little bit of ear gravy for ya!

(Chorus repeated)