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About WikiBarn

Welcome to WikiBarn! Enclyclopedia of the characters of the Barnyard franchise. Featuring Otis, Pip, Miles, Duke, Freddy and all their friends in a wiki filled with fun and parties down on the farm.

About Barnyard

Main article: Barnyard (film)

Barnyard is a CGI animated film from Nickelodeon Movies and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It stars the voices of Kevin James, David Koechner, Danny Glover, Courteney Cox, Wanda Sykes, Sam Elliott and Andie MacDowell.

Barnyard Movie

When the leader of a barnyard is killed while protecting the farm from coyotes, his party-loving son must take on the responsibilities and learn what it means to be a leader.

About Back at the Barnyard

Main article: Back at the Barnyard

Back at the Barnyard is an animated TV series on Nickelodeon based on the movie, Barnyard. While Wanda Sykes reprises her role as Bessy, Kevin James is replaced with Chris Hardwick as Otis. Even though this is based on the movie, some characters that were in the film (such as Daisy and Miles) are absent and Daisy is replaced by another female lead named Abby.

Back at the Barnyard Title Screenshot


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News and Updates

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When Back at the Barnyard airs in the United States:
  • Nicktoons: Weekdays at 4:00 AM (2 episodes; added Season 2 episodes are airing in the rotation).
  • Nickelodeon: The series is cancelled, so reruns don't air on Nickelodeon.
NOTE: All times on Nick are Eastern / Pacific and Nicktoons times are Eastern Time Zone (subtract one hour lin the Central, 2 hours in the Mountain and 3 hours in the Pacific Time Zones). All times are as of October 1, 2010.
Check with your regional Nickelodeon channels internationally for air dates and times.
Fun Facts


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