War of Pranks

War of the Pranks

"War of the Pranks" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 1.


The episode begins when Otis, Pip, Pig, Abby, Bessy, and Duke (who are inside the Farmer's house) are watching Prank'd (a parody of Punk'd), one of their favorite TV shows. Otis says that he can also do good pranks. Then Bessy says that she could prank Otis anytime and he walks away. Then he gets an idea: He's gonna prank Bessy.

Otis and Pip then go to the crop field to make crop circles to make everyone think aliens came to the farm. They also use a sleeping Pig as a steamroller to do it, but he also throws up on Pip in the process. The next morning, everyone sees the crop circles, but Bessy isn't fooled at all. 

Later that night, Otis and Pip disguise themselves as aliens (with Pip as an eye on top of Otis' head), but again, Bessy knew that it was Otis and Pip. She then sarcastically says that she wants to see them take out her brain and they go away, defeated.

The next day, Otis decides to pull a rope, which'll cause rocks to fall onto Bessy's head. He asks Freddy and Peck for help, but even then, Bessy outsmarts him. Later, Otis sets up a slapstick filled prank in the silo to get back at Bessy, but he falls into the trigger instead and starts falling down a zipline and into the outhouse, where Bessy is sitting on the toilet. The outhouse falls down and Bessy is exposed to the others and everyone laughs at her. This time, Bessy has had enough and decides to turn the tables. 

Later, Otis and Pip take a walk by the crops. Pip disappears and when Otis is looking for him, he gets captured, too. He wakes up and he finds himself inside an alien's spaceship, with Pip being tied up on the side of him. He encounters the ships captain, which says that he kidnaps Bessy. Otis pleads for her life and he ends up where he started: Otis and Pip are squirted with Honey. The alien then takes off its helmet and reveals itself to be Abby in a suit and the whole thing was a prank set up by Abby and Bessy. The girls then reveal that everyone was watching. At first, Otis refuses to stop pranking Bessy, but then changes his mind when Etta and Hanna pour seeds on him and Pip. 

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  • Prank'd is an obivous parody of Punk'd.