Veronica is a character in Back at the Barnyard. She is Abby's older cousin and arch-rival who only appeared in "Abby & Veronica" as the main antagonist.

Early life

Abby and Veronica used to play fighting games as children. When Abby and Veronica stopped seeing each other, she became cruel and seductive and started to manipulate men into waiting on her.


Abby says that Veronica is just like her in every way. However, she is shown to be the complete opposite of Abby: Selfish, arrogant, greedy, self-centered, and promiscuous. This is shown when she takes a firm into liking Otis. Veronica likes diamonds and she flirts with men and uses them to give them to her.


According to Abby since the last time they have seen each other, Veronica "has changed, a lot!"

Veronica is a light cream cow with lighter cream spots, blue eyes, a light pink snout and lips, and a light pink udder. She is more slender than most cows in the series. Like all female cows, she has ears that droop straight and the end of her ears are rounded and curve upward and wears earrings (which are gold hoops). She has a violet purple scarf tied around her neck, with the knot on a little bit after the side of her neck. Veronica also has black hair, a little bit before shoulder length that is wavy, with a poof on top with a violet purple bow tied around it.


  • She is similar to Veronica from the Archie franchise.