"The Farmer Takes a Woman" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 1.


The episode starts as the animals are having a dance party in the barn. However, their fun is interrupted by the Farmer, who is crying because he is depressed over his deceased wife. Otis decides to do something about this.

Otis, Pip, Pig, Abby, and Duke sneak int othe Farmer's house and sign him up for online dating. They tell people that he is rich and has the body of a teutonic god. A few days later, the Farmer's match named Ivana Sugardaddy shows up and wins the Farmer's heart.

A few days later, the animals start to throw another party, but the Farmer and Ivana arrive. Ivana tells the Farmer that she wants the barn to herself and decides to have the animals all live inside of a shed. As soon as the shed explodes, the animals hear Ivana and realize she is planning to swindle the Farmer out of his money. Otis decides to take a stand and do something about it.

Otis comes up with a plan to fix her up with someone else. He disguises Pig as a rich Italian guy and soon enough, Pig and Ivana start going out. Several days later, Otis decides to put the last part of his plan into action: Ditch Ivana on a cruise.Unfortunately, Pig has fallen in love with Ivana, but Otis convinces him to stick with the plan.

Pig goes to invite Ivana on the cruise, but before he can do it, he confesses he is really a pig and that he loves her. Before Ivana can strangle Pig, Otis and the other animals confront her because she will never be able to hurt the Farmer as long as they are around. Ivana then decides to sweet talk the Farmer into getting rid of them so they will not stop her. Ivana tries to put her plan into action, but the Farmer chooses the animals over Ivana because they are his family.

Later that night, the animals have a party. Abby commends Otis for stopping Ivana, but she still doesn't want him to be lonely. However, Otis assures her that he won't.

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