The Chronicles of Barnia

The Chronicles of Barnia is a episode from Back at the Barnyard.


Otis and the gang are playing Dungeons and Barn Animals out in the open while the Farmer is asleep. Snotty Boy arrives and sees them talking. Otis says that he's in the magical land of Barnia and Snotty Boy easily falls for it. He runs into the Farmer's house and throws the Farmer into the basement. He finds a ring in the Farmer's drawer and proclaims himself as the new ruler of Barnia.

Otis comes up with a plan to get Snotty to go back through the outhouse and then destroy it so he thinks his portal to Barnia is gone. He lures Snotty Boy with a giant corn dog and the two start to duel. Freddy grabs the ring from Snotty Boy, who chases him. Otis uses his bow and arrow to shoot the ring into the outhouse. Snotty Boy runs into the outhouse and grabs the ring. Then, Pip uses the catapult to eject Snotty Boy and the outhouse into Mrs. Beady's garden.


  • Cownan is a parody of Conan the Barbarian. 
  • Freddy acts like Gollum, a creature who wants the One Ring from Lord of the Rings.
  • Barnia is obviously a play on Narnia.

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