Team Barnyard is the name of a team of crime-fighting animals led by Otis. These friends often have adventures together and fight villains from all over the county.


  • Otis- A carefree male cow who loves to party. He is the leader of the group. 
  • Pip- A wisecracking mouse, who is also Otis' best friend. He is the co-leader.
  • Pig- A filthy and gluttonous pig. He is the only member to be named after his own species. He is the brawn of the group.
  • Freddy- A frisky and crazy ferret, who often gets tempted to eat Peck or Pip. He is the clown of group.
  • Peck- A rooster who is also Freddy's best friend. He is the brains of the group.
  • Duke- The farmer's sheepdog, who wants Otis' position as leader. He is the mascot of the group.
  • Miles- A wise donkey, who serves as a father figure to Otis and his friends. He is the group's voice of reason.
  • Abby- A female cow, who is Otis' love interest. She is the ditz of the group. 
  • Bessy- Another female cow, who Pip has a crush on and is Abby's best friend. She is the secondary brawn of the group. 
  • The Jersey Cows- Three troublemaking steers who love to play pranks. They are the jocks of the gang.

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