Stamps is a character in Back at the Barnyard. She is Duke's sister.

Stamps appeared in "Puppy Love" as Baxter's fiancé. However, Baxter was only in it for a collection of rare dog bones that would pass down from an uncle to Duke and then Stamps.

Early life

Duke and Stamps were very close as puppies and were the best of friends.

When Duke was adopted by the Farmer, she dated a guy named Michael Davidson. They broke up when he became a couch chewer. Then she met Baxter, who proposed to her and she accepted.


At first, Stamps was in love with Baxter, but she became furious and betrayed when she figured he was planning to steal her family's fortune and then kill her brother (and possibly her as well).


Stamps looks like Duke, except she has a red tuft of hair, a pink nose, is slimmer and brown splotches.


  • At one point, Baxter calls Stamps "Stimpy". This is possibly a reference to Ren and Stimpy
  • Stamps didn't realize that Pig wasn't her old boyfriend until the end of the montage, despite the fact that Pig said he was in disguise and Otis literally said his name in front of her. 


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