Recipe Rocks are a collectable in Barnyard: The Video Game.


In the PC and all home console versions of the game, the player can collect recipes through recipe rocks.


After the raccoons stole Pig's recipe book, they tore out all 32 pages and hid them under rocks scattered across the barnyard, as it is explained in a note.


Recipe Rocks serve as a collectable and are required if the player wishes to get 100%. They are signified as black rocks with a white X on them. When a player picks one up, it will show a screen with the number, name, and three ingredients that are required to make it. Recipe Rocks come in two types: Recipes and Mocktails, each with 16 recipes each.


The player can find ingredients all across the barnyard. Most of these foodstuffs are utilized in the recipes. In the daytime, the player has the ability to cook any recipes they have found. Each recipe consists of three ingredients. If the three ingredients are compatible with each other, then the player will make a more complex food item and a sum of Gopher Bucks dependent on the food item. However, if the three items don't amount to anything, then the player will end up with Slops, which is only worth 1 Gopher Buck. The same applies for Mocktails in the Night Barn.


Recipe List

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 End Result Payout
Apple Apple Flour Apple Pie 10
Chocolate Egg Cream Chocolate Mousse 30
Butter Egg Honey Birthday Cake 50
Chocolate Chocolate Butter Chocolate Fudge 35
Apple Butter Flour Apple Cobbler 15
Strawberry Strawberry Butter Strawberry Fudge 25
Pumpkin Pumpkin Flour Pumpkin Pie 10
Melon Cherry Apple Fruit Salad 10
Chocolate Walnut Flour Chocolate Brownie 20
Carrot Walnut Honey Carrot Cake 40
Cherry Cherry Walnut Cherry Pie 20
Lemon Egg Flour Lemon Meringue 40
Chocolate Egg Honey Chocolate Cake 60
Strawberry Cream Honey Strawberry Flan 40
Lemon Cream Honey Lemon Cheesecake 50

Mocktail List

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 End Result Payout
Carrot Carrot Carrot Carrot Juice 10
Chocolate Milk Ice Chocolate Shake 20
Strawberry Milk Ice Strawberry Shake 20
Apple Apple Apple Apple Juice 10
Melon Melon Melon Melon 10
Ice Ice Ice Iced Tea 20
Milk Chocolate Honey Hot Chocolate 40
Cherry Milk Honey Cherry Delight 35
Strawberry Cherry Melon Fruit Mocktail 10
Apple Apple Ice Apple Cider 20
Lemon Ice Honey Lemonade 50
Melon Honey Milk Honey Melon Magic 30
Lemon Lemon Ice Iced Lemon Tea 25
Honey Lemon Lemon Lemon Soother 50
Egg Honey Milk Egg Nog 50
Honey Milk Ice Honey Shake 50


  • There is one food item that is not used in the recipes and that is Royal Jelly, a secret food item.

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