"Raging Cow'" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 1. It aired on February 16, 2008.


After a tough fight with Buck, Otis meets a hedgehog named Daune Bling who wants to make him a professional wrestler.

When Otis is about to lose his first match, the wrestler is "knocked out" by Otis. Abby thinks that she smells a rat ("Or a hedgehog!"). Duane suggests to name Otis the Milk Machine and Abby tells Otis that the fight was fixed and that he wasn't even trying. Duane says that she's just jealous and Abby says that she warned him and walks away.

Pip and Pig walk off and say that Otis' next opponent is pretty tough. They overhear Otis' opponent talking to Duane as he says that he's the worst wrestler ever and that he has to convince Otis that he's afraid of him.

Elsewhere, Pip and Pig try to tell Otis that Abby was right, but he thinks that they're jealous, too. After the fight and hearing that Otis will take on the champion in the championship match called Disaster in the Pasture, Pip and Pig try to think of a way to stop the fight, but Duane and his bodyguards kidnap them. After a while, Otis says that he's going to win, but Duane denies it and tells him the truth. Otis says that he won't do it and he doesn't take a dive for anyone. Duane then shows him Pip and Pig, who are tied up and gagged. He says that if Otis wins the match, they'll be sent to wrestling camp for practice dummies, so Otis says that he'll do it to save his friends.

While Otis is getting creamed by a wrestler who's really trying in the Disaster in the Pasture, Abby looks for Pip and Pig. When she finds them, she frees them and Otis sees them and he wins the match.

The episode ends with Otis thanking the gang for what they've done and calling them immatures, to which Abby throws him to the floor.

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