Back at the Barnyard Pigmalion

"Pigmalion" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 1.


The episode opens up in the Farmer's house where the animals are watching television. Otis flips the channel to a show called Pampered Pets where they learn about two pigs living in Castle Fripplehoot. They also have two distinct crown-shaped birthmarks on their behinds. The gang then notice the same birthmark on Pig and the gang realize that Pig is related to them, which means that Pig can live at the castle with them. Pig at first declines, but the gang offers to come along, so Pig agrees.

Otis faxes a photo of the birthmark to Prince Fripplehoot. The prince calls and says that Pig can only live at the castle if he behaves like a royal. Otis and the gang start training Pig to have proper manners and etiquette, but they fail.

Three days later, the prince arrives with his pigs Aubrey and Max to see if Pig is fit. The prince approves, but he decides to let Aubrey and Max see if Pig is worthy. As soon as the prince leaves, Otis tells Pig to do whatever he can to make them like him.

Pig takes Aubrey and Max to the mud hole, but the latter two refuse to join Pig in the mud because they do not want to get dirty. Duke arrives with some towels and Pig thanks him, but receives a glare from Aubrey and Max. Pig instead decides to hit Duke with towels and starts insulting him.

Next, the pigs arrive to play croquet and Freddy hands Pig a mallet, but instead of thanking Freddy, Pig acts like a jerk to Freddy and starts hitting him with a glove. Then he hits Peck with a ball and doesn't even apologize. This pleases Aubrey and Max more.

Finally, they go into the barn and have tea. Pig starts insulting Abby and even calls her a doofus. Finally, Aubrey and Max accept Pig and allow him to live in the castle with them.

Otis, Freddy, Peck, Abby, and Duke confront Pig about his rude behavior. While they argue, the prince and the pigs return and say that Pig will come and live at Castle Fripplehoot. Unfortunately, only Pig is allowed. Before Otis can sign Pig's custody over to Fripplehoot, Pig sends out a large belch (which destroys California). Aubrey and Max reject him and leave the Barnyard. Otis asks why he did that and Pig responds he is already living the good life with his best friends.

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  • It is revealed that Pig has a crown-shaped birthmark, which is never seen again for some reason.


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