Pig is a character in the Barnyard franchise. He is one of Otis' best friends.

Early life

Nothing is known about Pig's life, but in "Meet the Ferrets," he implies that he was born to parents who thought leprechauns were stealing their gold. Pig's parents may have been the second generation of pie-making behind Granny Pig, whom he implies he inherited a pie recipe from, he may have used to live with his grandmother in his early years and loved her pie.


Pig is friendly, energetic, fun-loving, honest. pleasant, and patient. However, he can be very greedy as well. Pig isn't exactly the brightest pig around though, usually when he is missing the point of something (to which Pip points out that he isn't bright).

Pig likes a lot of food and eats ranched food. In one episode, he ate all the corn in the cornfield. In another episode, he ate cake made of TNT. Pig enjoys laying in mud and prefers to keep his stall a mess, becoming stressed and uncomfortable if it is clean.

He is also very caring of his pet Skunky.


Pig is a pink pig with gray hooves.

Human disguises

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