Bernard "Phlegmy Boy" Beady is a character in Back at the Barnyard. He is one of Nora and Nathan Beady's nephews and Snotty Boy's older cousin who only appeared in "Snotty and Snottier" as the main antagonist.

Early life

As children, Phlegmy Boy used to torture Snotty Boy and beat him up. Sometime later, as they grew up, they stopped seeing each other for a long time. 


Phelgmy Boy is even more cruel and sadistic than Snotty Boy and even plays with explosives (that could potentially injure or kill someone). He also senselessly beat up Otis and his friends because they were cheerful and happy (which he despised), so he probably bullies people just for pleasure rather than out of insecurities or bad experiences. He is also shown to be smart, unlike Snotty Boy who is completly stupid. 


Phlegmy Boy is slightly less fat than Snotty Boy and wears a retainer, unlike his cousin (who wears braces).


  • It could actually be Phlegmy Boy's fault Snotty Boy is mean all the time.
  • He is the second Barnyard villain to be a complete monster. The first was Dag


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