"Paging Dr. Filly" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 2.


The episode with Pig serving his friends a nice breakfast of pancakes. However, their breakfast is ruined by Freddy and Peck, who are fighting like cats and dogs. Abby says that she's reading a book by a horse therapist named Dr. Filly, who thinks they should start a friendship intervention. 

The next day, the animals start a friendship intervention for Freddy and Peck. Otis shows up to the meeting with Dr. Filly in person (by paying him in apples). Dr. Filly manages to cure Freddy and Peck, but says that the others have problems as well. Realizing that Dr. Filly's right, the animals decide to let him stay longer and help them with their problem. 

The animals go outside and tell the gang to act like each other to reveal their true feelings about one another (Pip and Pig impersonate each other, Otis and Abby impersonate each other and Duke and the sheep impersonate each other). However, this makes the animals hate each other and say mean things to each other.

A few days later while Otis and Abby are fighting, Otis becomes suspicious because Dr. Filly isn't helping them at all. He walks over Dr. Filly and reads a quote from his book, which Dr. Filly doesn't recognize.

Just as everyone is about to leave the barnyard (including Freddy and Peck, who claim their born followers), Otis shows up claiming that the horse that's been "helping" them isn't the real Dr. Filly and he shows up with the real one. Dr. Filly reveals that the guy they've been listening to is really a donkey named Chip, a former patient of his who likes to impersonate him. Chip declares he is so ashamed. While Dr. Filly leaves with Chip, the animals reconcile with each other. The episode ends with Pig standing on Otis' head, claiming that riding on Otis isn't so bad. 

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  • Dr. Filly is an obvious parody of Dr. Phil. 
  • In a deleted scene for the movie, Freddy had a session with Dr. Filly regarding his carnivorous instinct to eat Peck. 


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