Otis's_Udder is one of the main parts of his body. It is a large dome shaped organ on his lower belly that produces milk.

Otis's Udder is actually named "Colonel Milksaton" but Otis prefers to simply refer to it as "My udder" due to the name being "more stupid than The Famer's three legged brother."


In the episode Too Good To Be Glue, Otis's Udder invents a time machine to prevent the birth of his lifelong enemy Joseph Kony. The episode ends when it is revealed that Joseph Kony is actually Otis's Udder's mother, which ultimately causes Otis's Udder to become depressed.

Clinical Depression

Otis's Udder refused to eat until his untimely demise after Pip confused Otis's Udder for a punching bag. This is generally considered the wisest move in the show's run, as every single second Otis's Udder was on screen, the ratings dropped another 10%.


  • Otis's Udder's middle name is "Obama"
  • Otis's Udder voted for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul
  • It is theorized that Otis's udder has a mind of its own and rules a small third world country from across the sea, but very little canonical evidence exists to prove this theory.

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