"Mr. Wiggleplix" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 2.


Pig has been hanging out with his imaginary friend, Mr. Wiggleplix all week and it's driving the gang insane such as choosing him for dodgeball and for running all around. Abby suggests humoring Pig until he grows out of Mr. Wiggleplix. 

At dinner, Pig keeps telling Otis that he's been doing bad things to Mr. Wiggleplix and Otis decides to set up for tonight's party. Unfortunetly, Otis accidentally drops an anvil on Mr. Wiggleplix and Pig claims that Otis has killed him. Pig becomes depressed for days and Otis decides to dress up as Mr. Wiggleplix to stop Pig from crying. Pig and Otis spend the whole day playing dorky games that Pig likes, much to Otis' annoyance. 

Otis becomes fed up and reveals that he's not Mr. Wiggleplix, but then he starts floating all around and going through a lot of slapstick. All of a sudden, flour falls off the shelf and reveals that Mr. Wiggleplix is real. Before the hedgehog can finish Otis off, Pig stops him. Mr. Wiggleplix reveals he didn't die after all and he was digging his way back to the surface and also tells Pig that he has to go away. At first Pig is sad, but he is quickly happy again. 

Voice cast


  • Otis stupidly thought that Mr. Wiggleplix was a koala.
  • Mr. Wiggleplix beating up Otis is probably a reference to the episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy where Ed's imaginary friend beat up Eddy.


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