Mother Beady is a character in Back at the Barnyard. She is Nathan Randall Beady III's mother and Nora Beady's mother-in-law who appeared in "Beady and the Beasts" as the main antagonist.

Early Life

When Nathan married Nora, she became very rude towards Nora and treated her like dirt. At some point on Thanksgiving, Nora's mother poisoned her with turkey fondue.


Mother Beady is very doting towards Nathan, but she was very mean to Nora. She even hated her enough to want to get them divorced and even kick Nora out of the house without letting Nathan do anything about it. Luckily, Nathan put his foot down and told her to leave them alone.


Mother Beady looks just like Nathan, except she wears a housewife outfit, make up and has a full body of hair.


  • The only person that scares her off is Nora's mother.