Milk Maid Pro

The Milk Maid Pro is the Farmer's automatic cow milking machine.  It can be attached to the cow and extract the milk from its udder. It is supposed to imitate the suckling action of a nursing calf. It has 3 controls of how hard the milk is extracted. White: indicates that the machine is off, and you can attach the machine to the udder. Yellow: indicates the machine gives a gentle tug, in which Otis finds most comfortable. Red: indicates that the machine sucks on the udders extra hard, that the cow runs out of milk. When messed with the controls, the machine sucks really hard and hurts the cow.

To work the machine, attach to the cow's udder and four teats, pull the lever on the pump to tighten around the teats, and turn the dial to the yellow section to suck the milk.  Turn off the machine if there is no more milk in the cow.