Mertin Fargleman, also known by his supervillain named Professor Twiny Vines, is a character in Back at the Barnyard and the main antagonist of Cowman: The Uddered Avenger. He is Cowman's arch-nemesis.

Early life

Because his plants were total failures, he went insane and became an evil genius, plotting to create a mutant plant to destroy the whole city. 


Mertin is a twisted botanical genius, as well as being a genius in plants. He created many mutant plant hybrids, such as deadly constrictor vines and exploding avocado bushes. Year after year, they were rejected at the county fair. He wanted to steal the Jurassic Corn Kernel to create a plant so amazing, so terrifying, and capable of bone-crushing mayhem, which was a giant corn monster so he could let go of his anger to the people and to win the blue ribbon. After he is defeated then arrested, he vows to write angry letters to Cowman while planning his revenge. 


Mertin's appearance is like a nerd. He wears giant-framed glasses, a lab coat, and has bowl-cut hair.

As Professor Twiny Vines, he wears a hat, green jacket, and fake mustache.


  • In his lab, Mertin has a device that can transmit sounds on frequencies audible to cows.
  • Due to his health concerns, he cannot laugh too much.
  • His appearance may be based off the Riddler. 


Coming soon!


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