Polycom IP phone is a high-technology cellphone. Otis had one in Seattle colocation. In "Snotty's New Pet," Pip had one in the ending of the episode and also in "Home Sweet Hole," and Mrs. Beady had one in "Lord of the Beavers."


The motto is "The phone that completely consumes your life!". Its colors are black and white.


  • It has a disco and a big band feature.
  • It can download music.
  • It also has an alien blasting game.
  • It can retrieve e-mail.
  • It can format photo album.
  • It can watch TV (Otis watched 6 seasons of 'Watcha' talkin about?!').
  • It has a tiny toaster.
  • It has a dental exam function.
  • It has a complicated text message-style writing (for example, "G.T.P.T.A." means "Give The Phone To Abby").
  • It captures video.


  • The Me Phone is a parody of the iPhone, changing "I" to "Me."
  • In the Barnyard movie, Otis had a silver Motorola V3, as seen during Ben's meeting.
  • Otis is too obsessed with the phone.
  • Otis is still trying to learn how to use the text message system.


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