Maddy is a character in the Barnyard franchise. She is Etta's daughter.

Early life

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Maddy loves Otis like a big brother as he is just as nice to her. Maddy is also very compassionate towards Otis since she and her siblings comforted Otis when he was depressed over losing his father.

When someone is mean to her, Maddy calls them a "meaner".


Maddy is a small adorable chick. She has lime green eyes with long black eyelashes. She is mainly light yellow. She has a small body and a little head. At the top of her head are 3 yellowish-orange feathers at the top of her head, which are slightly darker than each other and also has orange-yellowish feathers on her wings. At the top of her head is a small light pink flower with a orange-yellowish center. Her feet have small black claws on each to and are orange.


  • Maddy doesn't appear in Back at the Barnyard.
  • She is the only female chick that looks different than the rest of the chicks.
  • Her favorite show is Moo's Clues, a parody of Blue's Clues.



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