The Robber (Lenny) is a villan that only appeared in Cowman and Ratboy, and The Uddered Avenger.

Lenny was a thief who was being chased by Cowman and Ratboy when he ducked into Mrs. Beady's house. He teamed up with Mrs. Beady to catch Cowman, but got a surprise when Mrs. Beady began to hold him there against his will. The Justice Brood eventually saved Cowman and was knocked out when Otis punched him in the face.

He was later sent to jail, but escaped later in The Uddered Avenger. He teamed up with another criminal, but was captured again by Cowman and Ratboy. In the same episode, his name was revealed to be Lenny. Lenny is also voiced by Cam Clarke, the same voice actor as Freddy the Ferret.