== Disguise== Jayne Maysfield was a name Pig used in Some Like it Snotty to go to a laser bowling alley to bowl for free because girls got to bowl for free. Pig tried to take it off when Otis, Freddy and Pig agreed to go out with Snotty Boy and his friends. But when the three friends try to take the dresses off they were stuck and glued on by Abby and Bessy. But Pig probably got it off after Otis explain his last date with Snotty Boy. It was seen again in Doggelgagner when Duke got sprayed by Pig's Skunky.


The Disguise includes black small wig with ponytail, black lipstick, fake eyelashes, black eyeshadow, black and purple spider dress with a picture of a spider and web on the purple part, small black boots and net sleeves.

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