J. T. Fripplehoot is a character in Back at the Barnyard.


Fripplehoot is large and has a stubby body and a pointy nose. He wears his hair in a clown-type style. 

In his first appearance, his hair was gray and he wore a business suit and some jewelry. 

In his last appearance, he wore a red suit and his hair was red. He also had a curly-Q mustache and he also wore a crown. 


Fripplehoot wanted the recipie for Pig's truffle pies and decided to buy it for a million dollars. However, when Otis turned him down, he got angry and threatened to sue the animals, but not before being ejected from the barn. He is also the founder and owner of the restaurant, T.G.P Fripplehoot's.

In his next appearance, he was a prince who lived in a castle with his pigs, Aubrey and Max. When they approved of Pig living at the castle, he gave Otis papers that would give him custody of Pig. When Otis was about to sign them, Pig did a large burp that knocked him out cold and the pigs took him back to the limo. 


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