Ivana Sugardaddy is a character in Back at the Barnyard. She only appeared as the sole antagonist of "The Farmer Takes a Woman."

Early life

Not much is known about Ivana's past, but she most likely has always used men for their money.


Ivana has red hair, wears sunglasses and a velvet coat.


At first she was thought to be kind and sweet, but Ivana turned out to be a con-artist / gold digger who had spoken with a Slavic accent to both the Farmer and Pig, disguised as Signore Gino Botchagaloop, but when her ruse was uncovered as she spoke with a Brooklyn accent in a phone call and near the animals. Farmer Buyer realized what's going on and dumps her, making her drive off, but before she does she takes the picture of the Farmer and says, "You have really let your body go."


  • Ivana's appearance and traits probably come from Coco LaBouche from Rugrats in Paris. 
    • Both are gold diggers who want money by dating the guys who are wealthy and both are dumped after the guy realizes who they really are.
  • She appears on a photo in Adventures in Snotty Sitting.