"It's an Udderful Life," also known as "A Barnyard Christmas Special," is a Christmas-themed episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 2.


Otis convinces his college buddies Donner and Blitzen to stop by the Barnyard on Christmas Eve. During the visit, Otis accidentally gives Santa a cup belonging to Freddy, who is sick. When Santa comes down with Ferret Fever and can't finish his rounds in the county, which turns out to be his last stop on his Christmas Eve trip, then Otis and the animals vow to make toys and deliver them by midnight to save Christmas.

In a side plot, Snotty Boy wants a Red Ryder BB taser in a nod to A Christmas Story.

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  • The episode's title is a pun on It's a Wonderful Life, despite having no plot like it, unlike other TV episodes with puns on this title.
  • Snoutbook is a parody of Facebook.
  • Snotty Boy wanting a Red Ryder BB taser is a spoof of A Christmas Story.