Back at the Barnyard Hypno A Go-Go

"Hypno A Go-Go" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 1.


Otis and Pip are seen testing a new hypnosis kit on Mrs. Deady as she thinks she's a jungle lady. Later the two goof off with the others by using the watch. With Pig, they make him think he's a ballet dancer. Bessie comes and threatens the two for doing such a thing to Pig, but Otis uses the watch on Bessy as she was made into a cheerleader. The farmer room comes in as Otis states his friendship to the farmer, but soon put Pip to sleep with the watch. The day goes on as Otis hypnotizes the barynard into being multiple things such as kung fu fighters, pirates, a microwave or birds. In a chance for revenge, the gang tries to get the watch, but failed as Otis watches a wrestling movie. Accidentally, Otis hypnotizes himself and the movie tells him to "destroy the farmer" every time a bell rings. The characters soon try to prevent Otis from killing the farmer, only to hurt him more. In an attempt to save Otis and break the trance, the group constructs and fake farmer for Otis to complete his false task. When broken, Otis is happy that the farmer was saved, but spoke. To fix it, he uses the watch to make the Farmer forgot that he spoke.

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  • This is the first episode to have a Pig segment.


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