Honest Earl's House of Exotic Transportation is a shop featured in the Season 2 episode, "Treasure Hunt".


The shop is ran by Honest Earl. This is the place where Otis and his friends got their vehicles to catch up with Snotty Boy. Other than that, HEHET doesn't play much of a role.


Honest Earl's House of Exotic Transportation had a commercial in Treasure Hunt. It showed a bunch of outlandish gadgets, like a rocket-powered jet walker (one of which is owned by Everett), butane-powered angel wings, and a dolphin-powered land chariot (which has an ACTUAL dolphin). And if customers "aren't completely satisfied they'll get their money back guaranteed!" (Money back guarantee only valid in Rhode Island and some parts of northern Montana which may actually be Canada.) Honest Earl is then shown on an ostrich, which bites him.

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