Honest Earl

Char 126619

Powers and Abilities
Played by
Rob Paulsen (Back at the Barnyard)
Appeared in
Back at the Barnyard

Honest Earl is a salesman first appearing Treasure Hunt. He has a Southern accent, wears a white suit and a white hat, and runs a shop called Honest Earl's House of Exotic Transportation.


He wears a white jacket and hat and has a mustache.


Earl doesn't really appear often as a main character other than in Treasure Hunt, but he can be seen from time to time mixed in with the crowd. His major role is helping the animals catch up to Snotty Boy by selling Otis, Pig, and Pip a hot air balloon and sells Abby and Bessy a hovercraft. However, the vehicles don't last long, as Snotty Boy shoots down the balloon with his slingshot, which makes the balloon crash into the hovercraft.


  • Honest Earl is voiced by Rob Paulsen
  • Honest Earl's House of Exotic Transportation had a commercial in the show detailing what was available at the shop.
  • In the commercial, Honest Earl is shown on an ostrich in a few of his shots.


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