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Hilly Burford
Hilly Burford
Family None
Occupation TV personality
Powers and Abilities None
Played By John DiMaggio
Status Alive
Appeared In Back at the Barnyard

Hilly Burford is a character in Back at the Barnyard.

His main claim to fame is being the news anchor / reporter for Channel 8 News. Some of his other jobs include being the town's Santa Claus in "It's An Udderful Life," a judge on Do You Gots It?, host of a morning talk show with Jessica Allspice, and the host of the game show Trivia Cash-A-Ding-Dong.

Early life

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Hilly is a humorous and joking news reporter and as a result, he is a news reporting legend and often provides some information and plot points for the episodes. He shouts a lot to add more humor to the series. He sometimes questions Jessica's jokes.


Hilly wears a news reporter outfit, has grey hair, and wears large glasses.




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