Freddy is the tritagonist of the Barnyard franchise. He is one of Otis' best friends.

Early life

Freddy used to live with his father and mother and was a carnivore. Sometime, he moved to the Barnyard and became a vegetarian to stay.


Freddy is neurotic, jittery, and appears to suffer from multiple personality disorder at some points. He is best friends with Peck, but constantly has to resist his carnivorous instincts to avoid eating his best friend. Nevertheless, he is very kind and is willing to do anything for his friends.

Freddy is rather dim-witted and confirmed to be illiterate. He is one of the most paranoid animals in the series. When he is his alter-ego Paranoid Man, he consistently says, "Stop looking at me!".


Freddy is a gold-colored ferret. He has a tuft of yellow hair on his head, a long tail, whiskers, and a red nose.


  • Freddy's name is sometimes spelled Freddie.
  • In "Some Like It Snotty," Pip says that Freddy doesn't know how to read. However, in some episodes, he does know how to read.
  • In a deleted scene from the film, Freddy has a session with Dr. Filly concerning his obsession with eating Peck. This was also an early short before the movie was developed.
  • Bessy sometimes calls Freddy a mongoose. This is possibly a reference to the pilot, where he was a mongoose instead of a ferret.