Dr. Ernz Furtwrangler is a psychiatrist that treated Mrs. Beady in the Episode Saving Mrs. Beady. He created the song Noises of The Rainforest. He is voiced by Billy West.


He is very short, red haired and bald on the top. He likes to wear a white coat and black trousers. His eyes are very large, so he wears a pair of giant-frame glasses. He has a french accent.


He is very wacky and funny. He sometimes have a bad temper. He thinks he is a genius even though he's not. He likes to call people who are sick and treated by him as a 'sick little puppy'. He has treated Freddie too. After he had seen Freddie, he said, "Arrgh! Talking Ferret!"


Dr. Furtwrangler treated Mrs. Beady in a mental hospital. At first, he thought Mrs. Beady has a case of nervous brain. So, opened his new CD, Noises of The Rainforest (he thinks that his song can cure nervous brain). Then, Mrs Beady saw Otis and the gang in the ward. Then she called him. The gang hides in the closet. He asked, "Vat'z goin' on hea'?!"(meaning: What's going on here?!). Mrs. Beady told, "The talking animals! They're hiding in the closet!!!" Then, he said to his assistant Dr. Betty Glum, "Zis is worz than I thought! She dazzent have nervouz bghen at all! She has: Cghezy bghen!!!" (meaning: This is worse than I thought! She doesn't have nervous brain at all! She has: Crazy brain!!!)