Eddie is a character in Back at the Barnyard. He only appeared in "A Catfish Called Eddie" as the hidden main antagonist.

Early life

Before Otis met Pip, he and Eddie were best friends until Eddie stole Otis' idea for a new flavor of gum. Eventually, he came back to the Barnyard to steal others' ideas.


Eddie is a sleazy, backstabbing catfish and he stole everybody's ideas for products. Pip also became aware of this and decided to stop Eddie's evil scheme. Unfortunetly, Eddie uses the corn car that Pip and the others built to make millions.


Eddie is a grey walking catfish.

He wears a green hat and seems to have a vest and tie printed on his stomach.


  • Eddie is the only villain to be victorious at the end. 
  • He is similar to Dick Hardly from the Powerpuff Girls episode "Knock It Off."