The mascot of Donk. E, hence the name. It is pronoounced donkey and is a spoof on Chuck 'e. It has pizza and nacho cheese. The games in the arcade thing include: skeeball, dance-dance revolution, a ticket shower based on the money one, laser tag, and a stage. All of the rides can be fixed (you can raise the difficulty of dance-dance revolution so you can't win and the ticket shower can be filled with any liquid) and require tokens to play The stage features a robotic female ferret that sings. If and light touches it's eyes, it'll be programmed to destroy humans. The arcade has a prize setting much like Chuck 'e Cheeses where you trade tickets (you earn them through games) for prizes. A Z-Box 360 is one of the prizes that sells for 10,000 tickets. The only game that can give you a 1,000 at once is laser tag. The lasers are paralyzing and the game makes you wear a vest containing your life tokens. If you get hit about 6 times, you lose.

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