Back at the Barnyard Cop Cow

"Cop Cow" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 2.


One day, the animals are cleaning up the barn and Freddy decides to shoot the waste out of a cannon, but it hits Officer Fred's car, injuring him in the process. Feeling guilty, the gang decides to fill in for him until he recovers. They get bored with police work, since there's no crimes to solve. Suddenly, someone has been robbing a donut shop and the suspects are Mrs. Beady, Snotty Boy and the Farmer. They try to interogate them, but they're all innocent. They decide to hide in the donut shop and find out the perp. They find the bandit and it is revealed to be Pig, who wore the mask so people wouldn't know he was a pig, not knowing that he was mistaken for a thief. Officer Fred recovers and the animals decide to pass a plant off as the thief and leave. 

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  • The theme for Real Stories of the Stupidest Cops in the world is an obvious parody of Bad Boys


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