Back at the Barnyard Chez Pig

"Cheese Pig" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 1.


After the Pizza Twins pay money for Pig's pies on an open window in the barn, Otis plans to turn the Barnyard into a restaurant to raise cash.

After 3 weeks of business, rich restaurant owner J. T. Frifflehoot is in the neighborhood is in town and say`s ahead of time he'll stop by. Otis and the others talk about money and what to buy until Pig says that he quits because the animals are becoming more and more greedy. Otis and the gang then panic until Otis and Duke decide to make the best pie ever, which takes 6 hours to make. Like the previous business, Duke is blindfolded because Pig said that he can't reveal to him his granny's secret recipe. Duke passes Otis a pipe wrench, glitter, paper towel, a trophy, a bomb, and Pip (by accident). Frifflehoot then shows up and the pie's ready (which Pip finds disgusting). As Frifflehoot is about to take a bite, Pig gives him his granny's pie because he wants to stand up for his friends. Otis refuses to give away the recipe and he ejects Frifflehoot out of the building.

The next day, Pig reveals the recipe to everyone. A duck (though unconfirmed) quacks it, but the group overreacts at the pie's secret recipe's disgust, meaning that the recipe's disgusting.

Voice cast


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  • A running gag is that Freddy keeps spitting milk at Pip whenever Otis and Pip tell a joke.
  • This marks the first episode that Bessy's not mean to the gang.


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