Bingo is a character in Back at the Barnyard. He only appeared in "The Right Cow" as the hidden main antagonist.  He was born in 1945 after world war 2 was raging. His farther left to fight. With no money and no source of income. He was quickly sold to a farm at the ripe age of 5 months old. He as he grew older the truths of not knowing his family grew. But 15 he sunk into a deep and sadden depression. By 16 he was on the verge of offing himself. BUT RIGHT BEFORE HIS PLANS HAPPEN. A LIGHT SHINED THROUGH OUT THE LAND. IT WAS BLING BLING BOY. AKA SNOTTY. HE SPOKE IN A LOUD BUT CALMING VOICE. "That's called cow tipping. Haw haw haw." AND SOON VANISHED. Pig realised that he had a purpose. He soon embarked on a quest to find his parents. It tools months and months. But he finally found his home... it was burnt down... his parents were crisps. He was crying hysterically. He just found them... And they were gone again. He soon met a man named Ben Kenobi. And was killed by Adolpho Hitler. They go to their local coffee shop to meet up with a bounty hunter named Han and his Furry sex slave. After exchanging insurance. They get on the T.A.R.D.I.S. the fly to the moon. They get locked in a place. They escape and plan to yeet the moon. They yeet it. And God is good.

Early life

The only thing known about Bingo is that he had spent his entire life in a space program and was eventually sent into space for 36 days. Soon enough, his computer froze and he ended up back on Earth.


Bingo was sick of taking orders from humans and did not want to take them from Otis, so he sent Otis and Pip into space so he could take over the Barnyard. Luckily, Otis foiled his plan and sent him back into space. Enraged, Bingo vowed to return and get Otis, but he never did.


Bingo is a small chimp who has a blue / black hair and wears an astronaut's outfit.


  • Bingo said that he was going to return, leaving fans to speculate he was going to be one of the series' main antagonists, but he never did. The producers were planning on bringing him back, but they did not find a way to do so.
  • Bingo has a cameo appearance in the intro of the final episode Aliens
  • Bingo is seen with a small testicle hanging out of his underpants in episode 33 of Barnyard in space!!!
  • Bingo lost his small testicle in the same episode due to him being related to Lance Armstrong.
  • Bingo is the coolest black boy in the neighborhood