The Biker had appeared in the movie and also has many appearances in many episodes, including Pigmalion, Otis Season and Barnyard Idol (episode).


He is very fat and tall.He has long hair except for the top. He is bald on the top and covers the top with a bandanna.


He is seen with a angry personality but he actually is a bit girlish as seen in auditions for Do You Gots It? when he performed a song called "I'm So Pretty" and dances in a girlish manner and in The Great Sheep Escape when he wore a dress. Despite his fat body, the dress did not really fit. He has a habit of hunting mooses and loves to ride bikes. He'll cry if his bike is broken as seen in Otis Season when Otis (in moose disguise) destroyed the bikes by accident when trying to run away from being hunted. He often races with his biker friends.


  • He often goes to the Biker Cafe.
  • He once drove a sports goods truck as seen in The Great Sheep Escape, as Otis scammed him by saying that he's a finalist for America's Next Top Truck Driver (the show that Otis created but was never real) and asked him to change clothes. While he was changing, Otis stole the truck. When he came back, he wore a dress and wondered where his truck went.
  • He was also seen singing in an opera with his biker friend and Otis.