Bessy is a character in the Barnyard franchise. She is Pip's love interest*, Daisy and later, Abby's best friend, and Lil' Ben's aunt.

Early life

What is known about Bessy's early life is that she used to live on a farm with her best friend, Daisy

Bessy had a son once, but he floated away at a county fair on a bunch of balloons and she never saw him again.

One day however, a bad flood rolled into the farm and the whole herd was wiped out, except for Daisy and Bessy. At one point, the farmer took them in and brought them to the Barnyard where they met their friends. 


Bessy is sarcastic, short-tempered, and even violent. She tends to yell sometimes, not afraid to tell it like it is, and has - according to Otis - a "heart of acid", mostly because she is usually very mean to Otis for his airheadedness. However, she is best friends with Abby. Originally, Bessy was Daisy's "bodyguard". She also serves as the school principal for Macy, Joey, and Boil.

In "Otis' Mom," Bessy revealed that she had a son who floated away with balloons at a county fair. All she has to remember him by is his cow bell, which, strangely, Otis has. Thus, Bessy thought that Otis was her son, but at the end, she realized they aren't at all related. In "Get Bessy," the rest of the crew thought that she was a spy or a jewel thief, but in reality, she worked as a personal shopper for "Weird Al" Yankovic. She often says that Otis' plans are stupid and creates insulting nicknames for the people she is annoyed with. For example, she calls Freddy a "mangy mongoose", although it might change a lot, but she usually calls Otis a moron.


Bessy is a light brown cow with dark brown spots. She has a pink snout, udders, and a tuft of black hair, and a huge butt.

Human disguises

Bessy wears less disguises than the other characters. 


  • Bessy's name is sometimes spelled as Bessie.
  • Bessy has been kissed by Pip and Pig before: Pig in "Pig Amok" and Pip in "Aliens!!!".