Baxter is a character in Back at the Barnyard. He is Duke's arch-nemesis.

Early life

Not much is known about Baxter, but it is said that he has been stealing other dogs' identities and ruining their lives before.


Baxter is very sleazy, sneaky, jealous, greedy, and awful. He stole Duke's identity and put him through a series of painful surgeries at the vet. Then he framed Duke for doing bad things that he did and then tried to get the Farmer killed by a grizzly bear. Finally, his most evil and darkest role was when he seduced Stamps into marrying him. This was all a scam so he could kill Duke and his other relatives, steal Duke and Stamps' uncle's golden dog bones and possibly kill Stamps as well.


Baxter is a Jack Russell Terrier who had brown spots on his eye and ear and has a brown nose.


  • Baxter seems to have a somewhat short memory as he keeps forgetting everyone's names, no matter how many times they correct him. However, it also implies that he simply doesn't care about names.