The Barnyard Strike Force is a rescue team that appeared in Snotty's New Pet.


Otis the Cow

Abby the Cow

Pig the Pig

Duke the Dog

Freddie the Ferret

Peck the Rooster

Otis' phone

Skunky the Skunk

The Goat

People Rescued

Pip the Mouse

Rescue Missions

They only succeeded one mission only.

Mission 1: Rescue Pip

The Barnyard Strike Force rescued Pip the Mouse when Snotty Boy tries to feed Stinky McStupidhead with Pip.

1. Pig threw a skunk grenade into Snotty Boy's bedroom.

2. After the stink effects Snotty Boy, he fainted.

3. Then, they rescued Pip and brought him back to the barnyard.

  • NOTE: This mission was a complete success.