Back at the Barnyard Barnyard Idol

"Barnyard Idol" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 1.


The episode opens in the Farmer's house where the Farmer is watching a show titled Do You Gots It?, a singing competition with a grand prize of a golden tractor. The gang decides to enter the contest and win the tractor.

That night, the gang argues on who should sing in the contest, but they hear Pig singing "Danny Boy" in an angelic tune to Skunky. Otis decides to have him go on Do You Gots It? and be his manager.

The next day, Otis and Pig enter the competition, but Pig refuses. Otis loses his patience and decides to bag Pig and shove him in the trunk. At the contest, the first singer is Mountain Joe (who sings "Weasels in the Tater Patch, Ohio") and the judges (Hilly Burford, Jessica Allspice, and Bigfoot) vote for him.

Next, Mrs. Beady comes onstage, but does a horrible performance and is thrown out of the station. While being thrown out, she sees Otis and Pig and decides to sabotage their audition.

Finally, Pig is up and he makes it to the next round. He and Otis then go backstage and go to the snack table, where Mrs. Beady tries to expose them, but fails. After Mrs. Beady is thrown out, Otis and Pig see another singer with a higher voice and Otis decides to make Pig's voice better.

Otis starts pressuring Pig a lot to sing higher, but he ends up losing his voice. With no time to get Pig's voice back, Otis decides to cheat by having Pig lip-sync, but sings the song completely wrong. While that happens, Mrs. Beady infiltrates the station and notices that Otis is cheating. She raises the curtain and the audience and judges find out that Otis and Pig are cheating. At first, Mrs. Beady is commended for her vigilance, but loses it when she tries to tell them they are animals. Security tries to arrest them, but the duo make a getaway in the golden tractor.

Pig gets his voice back and Otis apologizes to him for putting so much pressure on him. However, the Farmer gets accused of stealing the tractor and is arrested. Just as he is about to be thrown into the patrol car, Skunky scares away Officer O'Hanlon and the episode ends.

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  • Pig's alias Clay Bacon is a play on Clay Aiken.


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