Adventures in Snotty Sitting

"Adventures in Snotty Sitting" is an episode from Back at the Barnyard from Season 1.


Otis accidentally destroys the Farmer's game cartridge and needs money to replace it. He sees an ad for a babysitter and disguises himself, Abby, Pip, Freddy, Peck and Pig as British nannies. Unfortunetly, they are babysitting Snotty Boy, who is torturing them every time they try to do their jobs. When Otis chases Snotty Boy outside, he comes up with a plan to get Snotty into bed; he tells Snotty Boy a scary space story and lures him into the guest room, where Pip duct tapes him and gags him to the bed. The animals get their money and walk home, proud of themselves. 

Voice cast


  • Otis says "Bite me", which shouldn't be allowed on a kid's show. 
  • The nanny disguises are references to Mary Poppins


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